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Our Story


 Hello everyone! Welcome to my kitchen! I am thankful that you visited my website and reading this. It will be my pleasure to share with you how Azucal Kitchen LLC was conceptualized. When I moved here in the Bay Area and been around in the neighborhood, I have observed there's not much choices to go to when you crave Filipino food. I wanted to create a place where Filipino cuisine will be available for dining and ordering online for Sunnyvale and neighboring communities. As a Pastry Chef by profession, it would be nice to share to the people of the Bay Area my passion for good food not only for cakes, desserts and pastries, but also for savory dishes, specifically Filipino food, featuring Cebuano dishes and combining French and Filipino techniques bringing my baking and dishes to the next level. Through this fusion, it makes the food more interesting and unique in taste, texture and flavor. Cooking for others gives me such joy that it excites me to see people enjoy every bite they make, thus making their dining experience exceptional and unforgettable and bring them back home. Browse on our menu and check on our events. Join us in celebrating life and enjoy dining the Frenchino way. See you in my kitchen!

 Chef D