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Citrus Fruits
Baking From The Heart


Baking is life. It gives me joy seeing people smile in every bite they make with my products. It is my belief that when you put your heart into what you are making, your food will be scrumptious, beautiful and satisfying because it was made with passion. 

That is Azucal.... a place where food is baked with love.

                                Chef D

Dried Oranges

All products in our shop and featured menus are all for pre order. We only bake pre ordered items and we will try our very best to have it available within 3-5 days upon booking or we will inform when it is ready for pick up. Send us email for further questions. 

An afternoon Tea and Dessert tasting is coming soon this April! 

Hello Spring! Hello March!


Cebu Bestsellers

"Where the taste of home has never been sweeter"

Cebu, a beautiful island in the South of the Philippines, known as the Queen City of the South is my hometown. I grew up with Cebu famous iconic foods like Lechon, Bibingka de Cebu, Ngohiong and more. Living here in the United States for more than a decade made me crave and miss it so much which is why I made all my favorite Cebu dishes and desserts. Check the collection to order.


Cebu Favorite Savory Dishes

We are shipping to any state in the United States.  Shipping day is Mondays and Tuesdays and we only do Priority Mail or Overnight shipping. Email us or direct message us through text at 347-933-3402 for further inquiries. 

Citrus Fruits